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This is only the second of this design we have been able to offer for sale.

She is reputed to be called an Atlas 18 and to have originated from East Anglia, but we have not been able to verify any details of the manufacturer.

She is designed with a traditional wineglass shaped hull and a long keel similar to many small coastal cruisers made in the 20's and 30's. 

However, she appears to be made of relatively modern materials. The hull has a finish similar to gel coat on a full size yacht and the deck appears to be wooden composite.

She is beautifully made and in excellent condition with just a couple of paint chips.

Ballast is internal and the rudder is a swinging door type and weighted.

The rig is totally original and the sails in very good condition with just a few stains. There are no holes or tears.

She is unusual with her period design but modern manufacture.

What is not in dispute is she is very pretty indeed.


The stand is not original but is included in the sale if required.



Delightful Atlas 18 "wineglass" hulled pond yacht -Sold

SKU: yacht889
  • Length: 41cm (16") plus bowsprit 18 inches overall Beam: 13cm (5")  Height: 55cms (21.5ins) in the stand

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