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Equinoxe is a large pond yacht with a wonderful hull shape. The long keel, beamy, design suggests that she is based on an East Coast cruiser in the style of Maurice Griffiths.

She has her original red and white paintwork on a pitch pine hull with a separate deck. There is some damage to the prow which has been repaired and the rubbing strake is damaged on the starboard side.

The deck has its original varnish but it has "bubbled" over the years and is now in poor condition. The deck fittings are all original and include a large number of cleats. There is also a wonderful tiller, a faux companionway with doors, and a faux compass/binnacle.

The restoration of this yacht appears to have already been started. The original broken mast has been replaced. Both are included. There is a bowsprit, gaff and boom. Much of the rigging uses blocks and cleats which give a very good idea of the workmanship that has gone into this yacht. There are also 2 wonderful liferings which appear to have hung from the rigging.

There are three sails, a main and two foresails. They appear to be original and although intact they are quite delicate and can, in our opinion, only be used as templates for a new suit.

Equinoxe is a very rare yacht with a beautiful hull shape/design and tremendous character.

It is a very worthwhile project.

The stand is included in the sale.


Early 20c Pond Yacht "Equinoxe" to restore -Sold

SKU: restA134
  • Length: 51cm (20") plus bowsprit 77cms overall  Beam: 18cm (7"). Estimated height: 84cms 

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