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This early 20th century pond yacht appears to have been carved from solid, hollowed and fitted with a separate hardwood deck. She has a large bulwark around the deck edge.

The design is lovely and very similar to pond yachts made by Stevens Model Dockyard in the late 19th century. She is quite unusual as she has a keel extension which presumably is fitted when sailing in higher winds.

The hull is in good condition but requires a complete strip and repaint. The deck has a crack and also needs to be stripped and revarnished. The deck fittings are all original and there is a lovely faux cabin top. There is an elaborate brass steering system which may be a later addition. 

The spars are original and in good order with all their original fittings.

The sails are poorly made but can be used as templates.

The stand was made to display the yacht when fitted with the keel extension. The stand and the keel extension are included in the sale if required. 

If you would like further details or photos of particular areas of the yacht please do not hesitate to ask.

Early 20c Gaff rigged long keeled hull to restore -Sold

SKU: rest747
  • Length: 68cm (26.75") plus bowsprit 31ins overall Beam: 14.5cm (5.75") overall height 92 cms 36ins not including stand

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