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This large long keel pond yacht has a wonderful hull shape which suggests that she was made at the end of the 19th century or in the early years of the 20th.

She was carved from solid wood, hollowed, and fitted with a separate mahoghany deck and keel with lead ballast.

All the deck fittings apart from the brass mast feet have been removed.

It appears that the yacht has been restored in recent years. The hull is in very good condition and the varnish and paintwork below the waterline almost perfect.

As there is no rig it suggests she was restored for display purposes. There are marks which show where a large bowsprit would have been mounted so she would have been designed as a schooner probably with a gaff rig, topsails and more than one foresails.

With such lovely lines and hull shape she can be exhibited as she is.

Or she could be restored to full sailing trim.




Early Long keel schooner to display or restore -Sold

SKU: rest682
  • Length: 76cm (30")  Beam: 19cm (7.5")

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