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This yacht is the largest of the post war SB "Super Bermuden" range of yachts. She is 30 inches long and is called Western Star. This particular yacht has the early round stern and self steering gear.  

The hull has its original cream paintwork which, because she has been sailed, has some marks, most notably on the bow. Overall though the hull is in good order and the Western Star transfers are perfect. The rubbing strake, rudder and ballast are painted gold although the ballast has some paint loss. Again this is from sailing.

The deck has all original fittings including the self steering gear. The varnish is original and is in very good condition. The deck transfer is perfect.

The rig is all original. The sails have a few stains and mildew marks. There are a number of small holes in both the mainsail and the jib.  The spars,hooks and bowsies are all original although some of the rigging appears to have been renewed. The mainmast has been repaired at some point in the past.

The rig is more than adequate if the yacht is to be displayed. However, if it is intended to sail her the mast and the sails would need to be replaced.

The stand is home made and relatively modern. It is included in the sale if required. 

Large Stars, and this is one of the largest, are becoming more and more difficult to find and she has a lovely, as sailed, feel to her.

This makes her very collectable.


Early Western Star SB5 All original -Sold

SKU: yacht709
  • Length: 76cm (30")  Beam: 21cm (8.25")   Overall height: 121cm (47.5")

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