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Adamcraft was the brainchild of Harvey Adam, a naval architect from the New Forest area of the United Kingdom. His company produced kit boats from 1947 to 1954.

The first model produced was the clinker constructed dinghy and it is for this model that Adamcraft is best known. They are still sailed to this day and are now highly collectable.

However, in the 1950's the company produced a range of power launches. They were produced in very small numbers compared to the dinghy. The models included a Motor Torpedo Boat and an RAF Seaplane tender.

This is the first example of the latter that we have seen and been able to offer for sale.

We assume that she was made from a kit, as were the dinghies, in which case she was very well put together indeed. The condition is very good suggesting that she has never been sailed.

However, she has obviously been on display as the original, black and red, paintwork is a little dull. The varnish has also crackled giving the launch a wonderful decorative appearance.

There is some paintloss on the rubbing strake and on the bows.

The RAF roundels and ship number are original.

Inside the cabin she is fitted with a steering wheel, gear sticks, compass, and dials.  

She is fitted with a faux Perkins electric motor which was original equipment for the model. It has not been tested.

The ensign appears to be a recent addition although the staff is original.

She comes with a lovely display stand. 

This is such a rare opportunity whether you are an Adamcraft collector or someone who appreciates decorative pond yachts. 




Exceptionally Rare Adamcraft RAF Sea Plane Tender-Sold

SKU: yacht728
  • Length: 79cm (31") 

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