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Triang described these yachts as "Hand built throughout to the lines of J Class racing yachts, by craftsmen with sailing experience".

They were made in various sizes up to and including 69 inches. However, we understand that nobody in the pond yacht world has ever seen one of the larger models.

In fact it appears that this range was not made in any quantity at all. We are aware of a couple of 30 inch models in a collection but none in "private" hands.

It maybe that they were simply too expensive when new to sell in any numbers.

It is amazing that this particular yacht has not only survived but is totally original.

However it does require some attention. The paintwork, whilst original, is cracking and in some places flaking.

In other areas the paintwork has been touched up and there is some paint loss on the ballast. The Burnham transfers are original and in good order. There is small area of damage on the long bow.

The rig is original. The sails are in great condition for their age with just some staining and 2 pinprick holes in the mainsail.

All the spars, bowsies, clips and rigging are original. 

We have been priviledged to offer some very rare yachts over the last 10 to 12 years

but this yacht is probably the rarest by some distance.







Exceptionally Rare Triang "J-Class" Pond Yacht "Burnham"-Sold

SKU: yacht1044
  • Length: 92cm (36")  Beam: 19cm (7.5") Overall height: 168cm (62")  in stand

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