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We rarely sell restored yachts as the standard can vary enormously. However, this 1930's yacht has been restored to a very high standard and returned to full sailing condition.

She comes complete with a carrying case (to transport to and from the yacht pond) and protective bags for the sails and the hull.

She was originally made by Triang in the 1930's. She was one of a range of yachts which were sold by Triang or one of the large mail order companies in London at the time. Most of them appear to have been sold by Hamleys but they were also sold by Gamages. 

The yacht is basically as new and would make an ideal present especially if the recipient is likely to want to sail her.

The hull has been repainted to a high standard and has a new stand.

The rig is an accurate reproduction of the original. All the fittings are new and the sails are beautifully made. Although the sail material is new it has a thin blue stipe which replicates the sailcloth used in the 30's.

This is a very pretty yacht which can be used decoratively or can be sailed.



Fully restored 1930's Hamleys Pond Yacht -Sold

  • Length: 53.5cm (21") plus bowsprit 27 inches overall Beam: 13cm (5") Overall height: 63cm (24.75")

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