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Kellner boats were designed and manufactured in Germany, in the 1920's and 30's. They were produced by the  Kellner family who were also in partnership with Triang at the time and were responsible for some of their yachts.

The Kellner yachts and launches were sold in the UK by Bassett-Lowke, Hamleys and other large stores of the day.

This particular yacht is tinplate and in remarkable condition for its age. The paintwork is all original with just a few paint chips. There are some rust spots at the hull deck joint but it is secure. the rudder is original and has a slight bend at the top.

The deck is original and in good order with the K motif at the stern. 

The rig is all original and the sails are in good order with just a few rust stains and two small holes in the jib. The K stamp is present on the mainsail.

She comes in her original box but it has lost its end flaps.




Kellner Tinplate pond yacht with original box-Sold

SKU: yacht835
  • Length: 46cm (18") Beam: 10cm (4") overall height 60cms (23.5") 

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