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This pretty pond yacht was made in Largs Scotland in the years following the Second World War. Largs was the home of the Turner family who produced the famous Ailsa range of yachts.

The story that has been passed down is that the Turners provided help to someone in the area who was unable to find work after the war.

The completed yachts were sold under the name of Kylecraft for a number of years until this person was able to return to their normal employment of builder.

Consequently Kylecraft are very similar in design and quality to Ailsa yachts. However, they were produced in far fewer numbers and are therefore much rarer.

This particular yacht is in very good condition indeed. She has been sailed so there are a few marks especially on the keel. However, overall she is lovely with original sails and striking original paintwork of green and varnish. She has a perfect Kylecraft logl on the deck. 

She is a very decorative and, due to her rarity, a most collectable yacht.

The stand is not original but is included in the sale if required. 


Kylecraft Scottish Pond Yacht nr mint -Sold

SKU: yacht805
  • Length: 44cm (17.3") Beam: 10.5cm (4.25")  Height: 60cms (23.5ins)

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