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This pond yacht was one the larger models of a range of yachts made for Gamages and Clyde Model Dockyard in the 1930's. The yachts were named after the famous "J class" yachts of the era such as Shamrock and Endeavour. This particular yacht appears to have been called Shamrock although the transfers on either side of the bow have faded.

She has her original green paintwork, but as she has been sailed, there are some marks amidships and on the bow. The paintwork appears to have been overvarnished and there are areas where it has crazed.

These yachts were normally fitted with swinging door type rudders but the one fitted to this yacht is a replacement.

The deck is original with scored plank lines. It has a lovely colour with some crackled age marks.  All the deck fittings are original. She also has the distinctive yacht shaped mast upstand associated with Gamages and the London Made mark is present although faded.

The spars , bowsies and hooks are all original. The sails are also original and in very good condition for their age. There are a some stains but no holes or tears.

Over the years some of the rigging has been renewed.

This is a very elegant example of the 1930's pond yacht.

The stand is made of pitch pine but is not as old as the yacht. However, it is included in the sale if required as it displays the yacht so well.   


Large 1930's Gamages "J Class" Pond Yacht -Sold

SKU: yacht945
  • Length: 69cm (27") Beam: 10cm (4") overall height 80cms (31.5") including stand

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