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This large pond yacht has been carved from a solid piece of mahogany, hollowed, and fitted with a mahogany deck.

The straight line hull shape is excellent with a separate keel and substantial ballast. 

There is a spoon bow and a long overhanging stern which suggests she was built in the 1920's.

The hull is solid with a few non moving cracks and marks. The ballast is secure.

The topsides and the deck are varnished but now are very dull.

Below the waterline she has red coloured varnish.

The rig is complete with spars and sails. There is a large foresail, a gaff main, and a topsail. However, they are in poor condition and can only be considered as templates.  

Please have a good look at the photos and if you have any questions get in touch.

A worthwhile project for a large yacht from a wonderful era.

PLEASE NOTE:The stand is not included.



Large 1920's/30's mahogany Pond Yacht to restore-Under Offer

SKU: restA149
  • Length: 71cm (28") plus bowsprit 89cms (35") overall Beam: 16cm (6.25") Height: 76cms 30ins estimated

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