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"B" Boats were made in the 1930's by the British Yacht and Model Company of Fulham Road, London. They made a range of tin plate yachts and motor launches but not a great deal else is known about them. They appear to have sold more launches than yachts and this is only the second yacht we have been able to offer for sale in 10 years of trading. 

This yacht has been sailed extensively and although original its condition reflects this.

The hull paintwork is original but was varnished from new. This was quite common in the 30's on yachts which were bought to sail. The varnish has worn away in places leaving the "patches" which you can see in the photos. Overall the condition of the hull is good with just a few chips and some paint loss on the ballast.

The deck varnish and all the deck fittings, including the self steering, are original. However, many of the fittings have been moved over the years leaving marks and a few small holes. The yacht has been damaged at the bow. It has lost a small amount of deck but the joint between the deck and the hull is solid.

The deck transfer is still present but the hull logos have worn away.

The sails are original with the "B" Boats stamp on the mainsail.  It has faded slightly over the years. There are also 3 old repairs and some staining. The sails are a little delicate and there are a couple of cringles which are missing including the one at the head of the mainsail.

It appears that all the rigging has been replaced at one time or another and the running rigging is synthetic and relatively modern.

Until we obtained this yacht we were not aware that B Boats produced yachts of this size. It is considerably larger than the other yacht of theirs that we sold.

A very rare yacht indeed. 

Large and exceptionally rare 1930's "B" Yacht -Sold

  • Length: 84cm (33") Beam: 18cm (7") overall height 102cms (44")

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