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This long keeled pond yacht dates from the end of the 19th century or the beginning of the 20th.

She has got a wonderful hull shape with a long keel and a large rudder. The hull is carved from solid, painted inside, with a separate hardwood deck. The keel is wood with lead ballast. She has a hatch with cork inside.

The deck has some marking and will need to be stripped and revarnished but all the fittings including the braine steering appear original.

Similarly the paintwork on the hull is in poor condition and will need to be repainted. There is a gap between the hull and the section which gives the yacht its sheer towards the bow. However it is not moving.

The mast is not original and will need to be replaced and the sails have only been rigged for the photographs. The sails have been repaired and will  probably be considered as templates.

If you would like further photos of her condition please do not hesitate to ask.

Long keel yachts of this era are becoming very difficult to find so restoration of such a large example is very worthwhile.  

Large Long keel Pond Yacht to restore -Sold

SKU: rest661
  • Length: 74cm (29") Beam: 17cm (6.75") overall height 104cms (41)

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