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It is difficult to date this 36 inch racing yacht. The hull appears to be hollowed bread and butter with a separate plywood deck. It has wonderful lines which suggest that she is a 36 inch restricted from the 1930's. However the deck and the stainless steel fittings suggest a later date.She has a shaped pitch pine one piece mast and matching boom. She is also fitted with a stainless bowsprit but this could be a later addition.

Whether the yacht dates from before or after the war the hull shape is wonderful and makes the restoration of this yacht a very worthwhile project.

The stand is homemade and was made relatively recently but is included in the sale if required.

If you would like some further photos please do not hesitate to ask.

Large Racing Pond Yacht to restore - Sold

SKU: rest517
  • Length: 91cm (36") plus bowsprit 38 inches overall Beam: 21cm (8.3") Overall height: 137.5cm (54")

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