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This Alexander Of Preston hull has its original cream paintwork with red trim. However, overall it is in poor condition and it is likely that the hull requires a repaint.

The hull is in good condition but there is a crack on the port quarter. It will need a new "swinging door" rudder.

The deck also has its original varnish but again it is likely to need revarnishing. 

There is no rig but photos of 2 long keel Alexanders with original rigs can be supplied. 

Long keel models are associated with the first few years of Alexanders production and were not made in the same quantities as the more famous fin and skeg hull models.

If you would like further photos of particular areas of the yacht please do not hesitate to ask.

Long Keel Alexander of Preston hull to restore -Sold

SKU: rest796
  • Length: 57cm (22.5") plus bowsprit 63cms overall Beam: 14cm (5.5")

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