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Skipper Yachts were started in 1991 by John Foster in a factory in Suffolk. Apparently they are still produced but now they are made in China.

The Ocean Racer  was produced around 2000/2002 and was the largest yacht ever made by Skipper. According to "British Toy Boats" many of them were sold to Ralph Lauren for window display.

This particular yacht has not been sailed and consequently is close to mint condition.

There is a sticker on the port side which suggests, that new, she cost £139.

Everything on this yacht is original and the paintwork is basically as she left the factory.

The only fault to mention is that there are some small splatter marks on both sails.

As she is the largest yacht made by Skipper and as they are no longer available this yacht is very collectable. 

The stand is not original but is included in the sale if required.



Skipper Ocean Racer pond yacht -Sold

SKU: yacht944
  • Length: 79cm (31") Beam: 15cm (6")  Height: 98cms (38.5ins) in the stand

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