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It is generally thought that the Turner family began production of Ailsa Pond Yachts in the early 1930's. This large beautifully made yacht has a brass collar around the rudder stock which is engraved Ailsa 1923.

Although Ailsa yachts are all of a similar design it is suggested that the Turners began designing and building yachts while they were children and experimented with different designs and steering systems. This yacht maybe one of their "prototypes" built before they decided on the wooden hull/metal keel design that we all know.

The construction is a solid hollowed hull with a separate oak deck. The hull has very similar lines to the Ailsa range although the keel is wooden with lead ballast.

The deck fittings are similar in layout to the mass produced yachts.

The rudder is wooden with a lead insert and there is a steering system on deck. 

The stand is included in the sale.

The bowsprit is not original and although the yacht has a suite of sails they are also not likely to be original but are available if required.

If you are interested in the yacht and would like to discuss her please do not hesitate to get in touch. 

Possibly unique 1920's Ailsa of Largs-Sold

SKU: rest619
  • Length: 71cm (28") plus bowsprit 80cms overall Beam: 14.5cm (5.75") 

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