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Hobbies-Bowman produced the Ajax in the early 1930's alongside their steam and clockwork powered launches. It was made in smaller quantities than the more famous Aeroboats consequently this is the first Ajax we have seen or been able to offer for sale.

This particular launch is remarkable as it is still in its original wooden box and as a consequence she is in wonderful condition for her age. It appears unlikely that she has ever been sailed.

The paintwork is original with just some crazing and some paint loss along the chines of the boat. One of the deck fittings, the windscreen is missing. 

However, the metal hatch is in very good condition and the drive train is complete and moves freely. Remarkably the drive band remains and still drives the propellor.

The rudder and propellor are both original.

On this model the winding shaft protrudes from the bow and surprisingly the boat still has its original winding handle.

The box is original with the Bowman logo and description on each end although they have faded over the years. 

This is a wonderful opportunity as these launches are very rare. This is the fourth Bowman launch and the first Ajax we have been able to offer for sale in the 6 years of the website.




Rare 1930's Bowman Motor Launch "Ajax" - Sold

SKU: yacht1014
  • Length: 81cm (32") 

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