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This is a wonderful original pond yacht sold by Gamages in the early 1930's. It has a lovely "wineglass" shared hull which benefits from having its original black and maroon paintwork. There is a gold coachline which emphasises the wonderful sheer of the deck. The rudder is a swinging door design with a lead weight.

There is some paint loss on the ballast and on the rubbing stake. There are some marks on the hull but less than you would expect on a yacht of this age.

The deck has its original colour which contrasts beautifully with the black topsides. All the fittings are original including the hatch. There is a mahoghany toerail which matches the tramsom, mast plynth, and hatch.  

The rig including spars, bowsies and hooks are all original. The sails have a lovely brown stripe so evocative of the 1930's. They are in remarkable condition for their age with just a few small holes.  

The stand is mahoghany and suits the yacht very well.

It is very rare to find a yacht of this age in such great original condition.

A real collectors item.


Rare 1930's Gamages all original Pond Yacht -Sold

SKU: yacht737
  • Length: 52cm (20.5") plus bowsprit 64cm overall  Beam: 13.5cm (5.25") overall height 76cms (30") including stand

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