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This delightful yacht was sold by Star Productions in the early1930's. When made she was the largest of the SB "Super Bermuden" range of yachts. The SB5 post war was called a Western Star but in the 1930's was called an Ocean Star.

The hull is in good order and the paintwork has just a few small marks. The ballast has been repainted at some point.

The deck is varnished and has all its original fittings including a lovely brass Star Productions plaque. Unusually the plank lines are drawn with a king plank, following the shape of the hull. Normally the plank lines are just drawn straight fore and aft.

The sails are original and in great condition considering their age. There is some staining but no tears and just one tiny hole on the mainsail. The sails have a lovely red stripe in the material which has not faded. This is the first 1930's Star we have offered with a red stamp on the mainsail. We have not seen this before. However, it could be that it was used on other models but fades over the years.

The bowsies and hooks are all brass and original. The spars are also original but there is a whipping at the top of the mast which suggests it may have been repaired at some point.

Overall this is a rare and very collectable yacht. She would have been very expensive when new and therefore would not have been sold in large numbers.

Although in the style of Star the stand is not as old as the yacht but is included in the sale if required. 


Rare 1930's Ocean Star SB5-Sold

SKU: yacht659
  • Length: 69cm (27")  Beam: 18cm (7")   Overall height: 105cm (41.25")

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