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Triang (LInes Bros) are probably best known for their tinplate yachts and toys. However, in 1932/3 they produced 3 ranges of wooden pond yachts. This particular yacht, called a B21, was from a range which does not appear to have been sold in large quantities and therefore today are very rare.

This yacht has survived in such good order because it has always been stored in its original wooden box. 

The yacht itself is in very good condition for its age. The hull is hollowed wood with a wooden and lead keel. There is a separate pitch pine deck. All the deck fittings are original.

There is some paint loss on the bottom of the keel which suggests she was sailed at some point. The paintwork is cream but it appears to have been repainted.  

The sails are also in very good order with no holes or tears. There is some staining especially on the mainsail. 

 The spars, hooks and bowsies are original.

The box is original but has been overpainted.

This is a very pretty yacht from the early 1930's.

The stand sets the yacht well but is unlikely to be original.  





Rare 1930's Triang Pond Yacht B21 in original box -Sold

SKU: yacht942
  • Length: 53cm (21")   Beam: 12cm (4.75")   Overall height: 80cm (31.5") including stand

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