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This very large 3 masted schooner dates from around 1880/1890. She is 118cms long plus the bowsprit and weighs over 9 kilos so she is a substantial yacht.

The hull was carved from solid pine with a separate deck. The long keel has lead ballast.

The hull has a wonderful shape but would benefit from refairing and a repaint. The rudder and tiller are present but will need to be repaired and refitted.

The deck is slightly convex with plank lines and a hatch. There is some damage aft of the forward mast although the wood is present so during the restoration it may be possible to refit/repair.

There are some masts and a bowsprit with the yacht.

If you would like further photos of her condition or have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. 



Rare 19th Century 3 Masted Pond Yacht to restore -Sold

SKU: rest607
  • Length: 118cm (46.5") plus bowsprit 52.5 inches overall Beam: 25cm (10") 

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