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In the 1930's Triang produced a range of Coastal Steamers. They also sold a range of coasters and tugs made in Germany for AGE (Alexander Greiner England).

Whilst very similar to Triang they did have a number of differences. The most notable were their names, North Sea, Bournemouth, and Coaster Plymouth. All very english but presented in gothic script. They were intended to be sailed and were fitted with a clockwork motor.

This particular ship is named "London" and is in good condition for her age.

Her paintwork is black and red below the waterline. There are a few paint chips on the ships sides and a little paint loss on the stern.

The crane and winches are all present and correct as are the propellor and rudder.

However, there is no motor and it is possible that this ship has been restored as a static model at some point in the past.

These AGE coasters are becoming very difficult to find and are considered to be very decorative and collectable.

The stand is not as old as the coaster but is included in the sale.

Rare 1930's AGE Coaster "London" -Sold

SKU: yacht814
  • Length: 54cm (21") Beam: 13cm (5") Height 45cm(17.5")

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