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Hobbies-Bowman produced the Greyhound in the early 1930's alongside their steam and clockwork powered launches. 

This rubber band driven launch is in need of some restoration. The paintwork is original but has some damage. The "engine cover" will need to be repainted.

There are a couple of pieces of the drivetrain which will need to be reassembled.  

The rudder and propellor are both present and original.

The box is original with the Bowman logo and description on each end although the lid has suffered some damage over the years. 

To restore a launch such as this is a wonderful opportunity as they are becoming very rare. 

If you would like further photos please do not hesitate to ask




Rare Bowman Motor Launch "Greyhound" to restore -Sold

SKU: rest664
  • Length: 76cm (30") 

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