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This pond yacht was made in the 1920/30's by Clyde Model Dockyard. Although the company was started in the 18th century it was not until after the First World War they began selling wooden pond yachts and model boats. Most of their yachts were made for them by Ailsa of Largs and the majority of CMD yachts which have survived to this day are Ailsas.

It is very rare indeed to find one they made themselves. This is one and the "wineglass" hull shape is wonderful and far superior to the wooden hull and metal keel of an Ailsa.

The paintwork is lovely and appears to be original. The hull is hollowed with a separate  hardwood deck which has a lovely colour. The deck has all its original fittings with a lovely faux hatch and the original Clyde Model Dockyard plaque.

The sails and spars are all original. The sails have the blue stripe which was used in the 1930's. The sails have some staining and some mildew but are in remarkable condition considering their age. There may have been an inner staysail when the yacht was new.

This is a exceptionally rare and pretty yacht with wonderful lines.

The stand is not as old as the yacht but shows the yacht at its best and is included in the sale.


Rare 1920/30's Clyde Model Dockyard Gaff rigged yacht-Sold

SKU: yacht653
  • Length: 46cm (18") plus bowsprit 64cms (25") overall  Beam: 12cm (4.75") Height: 71cms 28 inches

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