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The "Norfolk" range of pond yachts was made by Hobbies of Dereham. 

However, this particular yacht was sold by the Ajax Co of Ilford and Romford. 

She has her original black paintwork above the waterline and red below. The paintwork is in distressed condition with quite a lot of paint loss.

The deck has its original varnish which has aged beautifully and crinkled.

It has plank lines drawn on it. There is a lovely faux hatch.

The rig is in very good order. The sails are egyptian cotton with a few stains and foxing, but no holes or tears. The rigging has been renewed and considering the age and distressed appearance of the yacht it is difficult to be sure how much of the rig is original.

This is a very rare and decorative yacht with a wonderful aged feel to her.

The stand is not as old as the yacht but is included in the sale.
















Rare Hobbies "Ajax" Pond Yacht in wonderful distressed condition-Sold

SKU: yacht855
  • Length: 62cm (24.5") plus bowsprit 71cms overall Beam: 14.5cm (5.75") overall height 87cms (34.25") including stand

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