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In the 1930's Triang produced a range of Coastal Steamers. They were wooden and powered by clockwork motors. They were intended to be sailed.

After the war a reduced range was produced to the same design.

This  particular example is more likely to have been produced in the 1930's but it is difficult to sure.

The coaster is in very good order for her age with original paintwork and transfers.

The clockwork motor is also original and in working order. She has a meccano winding key.

There is also a hatch cover but that is a later addition.

These steamers are becoming very difficult to find and are considered to be very decorative and collectable.

The stand is not as old as the coaster but is included in the sale.

Rare Triang Coastal Steamer "British Commerce" -Sold

SKU: yacht642
  • Length: 56cm (22") Beam: 13cm (5") Height 42cm(16.5")

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