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The Baltic Star was the second largest of the post war yachts. With its round stern this particular yacht dates from the late 1950's early 1960's.

She has been sailed in the past so there are some marks on the hull but the paintwork is all original and the transfers are in good order. The keel ballast is painted gold but there is some paint loss on it.

The deck has its original varnish and is in very good condition with just a small notch on the edge at the stern. The deck fittings are all original and the transfer is in good order.

The rig has been replaced at some point. The sails are in good condition with just a couple of stains but they are not original. However the whole rig is very close to what the yacht would have had when new. 


 The stand is not as old as the yacht and was probably added when she was rerigged.


The larger Star yachts are now very collectable and this Baltic Star is offered at a price commensurate with its condition.


Star Productions Baltic Star - SOLD

SKU: yacht555
  • Length: 67cm (26.5") Beam: 19cm (7.3") Overall height: 102cm (40")

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