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The Baltic Star was the second largest of the post war yachts.

This particular yacht has a transom so is likely to have been produced in the 1970's or 80's. 

She appears to have been sailed in the past as there is a mark on the bow and some paint loss on the bottom of the keel. However, she is in such good condition that it can only have been once or twice.

There are two small marks on the keel but otherwise the paintwork is very good indeed and the transfers are in good order. The rubbing strake, rudder, and ballast are all picked out in original orange. 

The deck has its original varnish and is in very good condition. The deck fittings are all original.

The rigging, hooks, bowsies, and spars are all totally original. The sails are in very good condition with just a couple of stains. There is one small tear in the mainsail which has been repaired. The stamp is present on the mainsail and has not faded.

Overall this yacht is close to mint condition and therefore very collectable indeed.


 The stand is not as old as the yacht but is in the style of Star and is included in the sale if required.




Star Productions Baltic Star Nr Mint -Sold

SKU: yacht554
  • Length: 67cm (26.5") Beam: 18cm (7") Overall height: 99cm (39")

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