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In the late 1920's and 1930's Star Productions produced a range of sailing Fishing Smacks. 

They appear not to have been made in large numbers as they are amongst the rarest of models produced in Birkenhead.

The hull is in good condition for its age although there are some marks which suggests that she has been sailed. Below the waterline she has been painted but it was many years ago and the paint has started to crease giving a wonderful patina. The rudder is original. She is named St George on the starboard bow.

The deck is original with plank lines drawn on it. The deck varnish does have some marks. The deck fittings are all original and amazingly the anchor and chain is still present.

The sails still have their distinctive colour but are starting to show their age. Although difficult to see in the photos there are one or two small holes in the foresail and the mainsail. All the spars, hooks and bowsies are original. Most, if not all, of the rigging appears to have been renewed at some point.

It is very rare to find a fishing smack with all its original sails including the topsail.

The stand is not as old as the yacht but is included in the sale if required.

A rare opportunity for the Star collector.



Star Productions Fishing Smack "St George" all original -Sold

SKU: yacht688
  • Length: 43cm (17") plus bowsprit and rudder 64cms (25") overall Beam: 13cm (5") Overall height: 57cm (22.5")

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