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This Star Productions Northern Star dates from the 1970's or 80's.

The yacht is all original and complete with its original box .  

This yacht has been sailed. It is in  good condition although it has been stored damp on occasion. This has given rise to rust stains and a couple of small holes on the sails. The cringles have verdigis and the deck fittings are slightly coroded.

The paintwork on the hull is original  with some marks and a few chips on the deck edge. The Northern Star transfers and the deck transfer are perfect. The mainsail stamp has not faded.

Please have a look at the photos as they give a good indication of overall condition.

The box is original but the keel has cut a hole in one edge.

All Stars, especially in their original box, are very collectable. 


Star Productions Northern Star in original box -Sold

SKU: yacht965
  • Length: 46cm (18") plus bowsprit 21.5ins overall Beam: 13cm (5") Overall height: 62cm (24.5")

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