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The Planet is one of the post WWII BR range of Star Production pond yachts.

Due to their vibrant colours the BR's are probably the most decorative and therefore the most collectable of all the Star yachts.

This particular yacht is an early example dating from the 1950's. 

The paintwork is all original, red above the waterline and white below. This is a little unusual as the majority of Planets were red with varnish below the waterline.

She was purchased from a gentleman whose father bought her for him when he was a child. He said he sailed her extensively at a number of local ponds.

Consequently there are a number of small paint chips and marks on the hull.   

The deck has original varnish and fittings. The deck has been affected by the sailing and has a number of areas where the varnish is marked. It appears that the varnish has been "touched up" around the deck edge. The deck transfer is perfect.   

The sails are original and in good condition for their age and considering how much sailing this yacht has done. There is one small tear in the mainsail and a few stains. The mast appears to have been replaced at some point. The shrouds have been renewed but all the hooks and bowsies are original.

All large Stars are now very collectable especially this range as they are very popular with interior designers.

This particular yacht has a lovely feel about her as she has survived quite a hard life.

She is offered at a price commensurate with her condition.  

The stand is home made but is included in the sale if required. 


Star Productions Planet in "as sailed" condition-Sold

SKU: yacht791
  • Length: 61cm (24") plus bowsprit 27 inches overall Beam: 16cm (6.25") Overall height: 89cm (35") including stand

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