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This Star Productions Southern Star dates from the 1980's and is unusual in that she has been named  with Arctic Star transfers. Sometimes the Star factory would run out of a particular name and use whatever was available.

She does not appear to have been sailed and consequently is in very good condition. It is quite common for Southern and Ocean Stars to have paint chips on the deck and on the deck edge. On this particular yacht there are some marks on the deck and the paint chips on the deck edge have been touched up. Overall the hull paintwork is in lovely original condition. 

The deck fittings are all original and in good condition

The sails are in very good order with just some water stains but no holes or tears. The spars and all the fittings are all original. 

The yacht also benefits from having its original Star stand.

As it is unusual this yacht is very collectable.




Unusual Star Productions Southern/Arctic Star -Sold

SKU: yacht763
  • Length: 53.5cm (21") plus bowsprit 23ins overall Beam: 14cm (5.5") Overall height: 72cm (28.25") in the stand

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