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Triang made a range of yachts in the 1930's which were called Rosemary, Margaret and Elizabeth. They were designed and manufactured under the supervision of one of the german Kellner family who were in partnership with Triang at the time.

They were well made and sailed well as they were fitted with Braine steering.

This particular yacht needs to be restored. The rig is all original and the sails are in very good order for their age. However, the paintwork is cracking and the yacht needs to be repainted.

She comes in her original box but it also needs some repairs.

Please have a good look at all the photos as they give an accurate representation of her condition.

If you require any further photos please do not hesitate to ask. 



Triang Racing Yacht "Elizabeth" to restore-Sold

SKU: rest826
  • Length: 53.5cm (21") Beam: 15cm (6") overall height 81cms (32") 

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