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We rarely offer plastic yachts for sale as they are so easily damaged. This yacht has to be an exception as it appears to have remained in its original box since it was made.


The sails still have the original folds in them and are as white as they would have been in the 1950's.


The hull and deck have one or two slight marks but they appear to have been made either in the manufacturing process or in 60 years of storage.

The box is in very good condition and is complete.


It is hoped that the photographs show the condition of the yacht but if there are any further photos you would like please do not hesitate to ask.

This yacht was only produced in 1953 and 1954 so it is rare to find a complete one today let alone one in such condition with its original box.

Triang Racing Yacht Mint in Box -Sold

SKU: yacht473
  • Length: 30cm (12")   Beam: 8cm (3.3")   Overall height: 44cm (17.3")

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