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Uffa Fox is rightly famous not only for his successful yacht and dinghy designs but also for having taught the Royal family to sail.

He joined forces with Toy Works of Marlow to produce a range of pond yachts.They are all plastic hulled with marine ply decks.

This particular example looks as if it has not been out of its box since it left the factory. It certainly has not been sailed. Apart from a water stain on the jib the sails are perfect and the fittings are all original. The trade mark signature on the deck is perfect.There is a white mark on the starboard side of the keel but this was made during the manufactoring process.

Overall this is a very collectable yacht enhanced by the presence of its original box.

Uffa Fox "Arctic Tern" Mint in Box - Sold

SKU: yacht481
  • Length: 41cm (16") Beam: 11cm (4.3") Overall height: 52cm (20.3")

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