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We have been offering Stars for sale for some 8 years now and this is only the second of this model we have been fortunate to find.

When we obtained the first one we knew it was a Star but had a problem identifying it. 

Luckily Mark Russell of pointed us in the direction of some marketing postcards, from the very early days of Star, which he has reproduced on his website. This made us realise that this is one of the earliest Stars made. She dates from probably the first years of the 1920's.

This model is in need of full restoration. The hull itself is robust and still shows its original colour scheme but will need to be repainted. The keel is rusty and will need treating and the deck fitings are damaged.

The yacht has its original mast and 2 original sails. However it will need a new boom, bowsprit and new sails.

We are able to provide photos showing an original rig if required.

Star yachts are very collectable now and rare models such as this are well worth restoring.


Very Early Star Productions Pond Yacht to restore -SOLD

SKU: yacht576
  • Length: 48.5cm (19") plus bowsprit 

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