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Ailsa pond yachts were produced by Turners of Largs in Scotland from the early 1930's to around 1965.

They also produced yachts for the Clyde Model Dockyard and Milbro. Little is known of this particular model "The Iona" or who it was made for. It was made in very small numbers and few of them seem to have survived.

In his book "British Toy Boats 1920 onwards" Roger Gilham suggests that they may have been sold by the Clyde Model Dockyard. The photograph he shows is the only other example we know of.

Incidentally this is the only Ailsa with a fitted rudder.

The hull is hollowed pine with a separate deck and is painted in its original red and yellow paintwork with a gold coachline. She has been sailed in the past and there is some paint missing fom the keel and ballast. There are marks in the paint and on the dec edge. Please have a good look at the photos as they are an impotant part of the decription.

The deck fittings, the spars and the sails are all original. However, the sails are stained but have the lovely blue stipes that Ailsa used in the 1930's.

The yacht is basically original, the only exception being the rigging which is unlikely to have survived as the yacht is around 85 years old 


This is a very rare, pretty, and collectable yacht.


The stand is made of oak, and is relatively modern, but is in included in the sale if required.

Very rare Ailsa "Iona" Pond Yacht - Sold

SKU: yacht571
  • Length: 37cm (14.5") plus bowsprit 41cms overall   Beam: 10cm (4")   Overall height: 55cm (21.5")

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