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This yacht is one of the post WWII BR range of Star Production pond yachts.

Due to their vibrant colours the BR's are probably the most decorative and are often used by interior designers. She dates from the early 1950's.

This particular yacht is quite unusual as she is the size and colour scheme of a Meteorite. However, she has "Shooting Star"  transfers on the bows.

Shooting Star was a smaller model in the same range so whether this name was put on the yacht by mistake or whether Star had simply run out of Meteorite transfers we will never know. 

The black topsides with varnish below the waterline is original and in good order. However, the yacht has been sailed so there are some marks in the paintwork. There is also a little damage on the leading edge of the keel and on the bottom of the ballast.

The deck is original as are the fittings. However, there are some woodworm marks and holes. They appear to be historical but, please be assured, they have been treated.

The sails are original and in good condition for their age. They are a little stained and there are 2 pinprick holes, one in each sail. The hooks, bowsies, and rigging rings are all original. The rigging has all been renewed and the bowsprit and jib boom have been replaced.

This is a rare opportunity as the "Shooting Star" name makes her very collectable.

The stand is homemade and is not as old as the yacht. It is included in the sale if required.


Very Rare Star Productions Shooting Star (Meteorite) -Sold

SKU: yacht757
  • Length: 53cm (21") plus bowsprit 64cms overall Beam: 15cm (6") Overall height: 81cm (32")

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