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Stevens Model Dockyard produced yachts, boats, steamships and trains in London from 1843 until well into the 20th century.

They produced a range of steamships which were mainly made with small steam plants. However, all the different models were also available with clockwork motors. 

This particular hull is the 30 inch model and has its original clockwork motor.

The hull is in good order and was carved from a solid piece of pitch pine. The cream paintwork and green undercoat are original but have been rubbed down for the hull to be repainted.

The deck is lovely with planklines drawn on it. However, it is not attached and it is difficult to decide whether it is the original or a later one made for the aborted restoration. There are some mast holes and a rudder hole and the wood is thin cut rather than plywood which suggests that it may be original. There is one split on the port side amidships otherwise it is in good condition.

With only a hull and a deck it is difficult to know which specific model this is. So more research would need to be done to decide which superstructure would be required. 

To restore a ship such as this is a wonderful opportunity as they are becoming very rare. 

If you would like further photos please do not hesitate to ask




Very Rare Stevens Model Dockyard Steam Ship to restore -Sold

SKU: rest662
  • Length: 74cm (29")  Beam: 14cm (5.25")

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