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This yacht was made during the heyday of pond yachts, the 1920's and 1930's. She has the stunning hull shape that you would expect of that era with long overhangs fore and aft. She is very much in the style of the famous J class and Americas Cup yachts of the time.

The hull is in good condition but the rudder is missing. It would have been a swinging door type. The paintwork is original but in poor condition and may benefit from a repaint. It may have been rubbed down in preperation for painting.

The deck is mahoghany with plank lines cut in. All the deck fittings including the faux hatch are original. The toerail is also original.

The gunter style rig is all original except, at this age, it is likely that the bowsprit has been replaced. The sails are original and they have the lovely blue stripe which was common on the larger yachts in this period. The sails are in good condition for their age with a few stains and mildew marks. One cringle has pulled out on the jib. All the hooks and bowsies are original.

The stand is pine and included in the sale.

This is a original period pond yacht of stunning design and shape.

Wonderful Period Half 10 Rater Racing Pond Yacht -Sold

  • Length: 82cm (32.25") plus bowsprit 99cms overall  Beam: 16cm (6.25") Overall height: 92cm (36")

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